December in Prague

Magical.  The word that comes to mind when I think about our time in Prague.  We decided to visit in December to experience Christmas time in Europe and the Markets.  I am so happy we did, I close my eyes and smell the mulled wine and see the lights twinkling.  I also feel like I... Continue Reading →


6 Things Friends Need To Know When One Has Kids

As you have read from me before, I had my daughters at a younger age.  Others my same age were partying, traveling, and continuing education while I was tending to my daughters.  This was my choice and I would not trade it for the world, especially now that I am in my early forties and... Continue Reading →


10 Tidbits To Getting To Know Julie

The best part of my blogging journey has been the ability to share my thoughts, have a creative outlet, and be a part of an incredibly supportive community.  I happened to be nominated for this award, for newer bloggers, as a way to discover new blogs and provide support to newbies.  This time around I... Continue Reading →


Respectfully Disagreeing

Respectfully disagreeing is an art. As a child, my parents taught me to listen  and allow people to explain themselves before making a judgment call.  In these lessons, I also learned that I will not always agree with someone's side or an opposing argument and that is ok.  We actively practice this in discussions to... Continue Reading →


Parents, They Will Be OK Going Away For College

Disclaimer, I am not a parenting expert, I have made and continue to make mistakes, I can only share experiences that may help another parent in some way, if even one.  One of the biggest changes in our home was when one of my daughters left for college.  In the process, I knew it was... Continue Reading →


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