Are you a mentor or a "mentee"?  I am both and I would venture to say so are you.  I thought for many years that a mentor had to be someone of great stature otherwise the advice had no merit but this is far from the truth.  I bet you have mentored someone and... Continue Reading →


Pet adoption

  How many times have your children asked for a pet?  Most ask constantly- a dog, cat, fish, lizard, any number of animals.  When my children were small, no, no, no, I could not say no enough.  I felt like I was juggling so many things and the thought of adding yet another attention-needing thing... Continue Reading →


42... this number is a great one, Jackie Robinson's famed jersey number now retired, one of the six recurring numbers on the show Lost, and my age. I am not sure how I got here, in my forties, when I was in my twenties this felt like a world away but now that I am here... Continue Reading →

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