42… this number is a great one, Jackie Robinson’s famed jersey number now retired, one of the six recurring numbers on the show Lost, and my age. I am not sure how I got here, in my forties, when I was in my twenties this felt like a world away but now that I am here I feel great. This is my first post, it will be short and sweet as I get my feet wet.

Through the years as I raised children, built a career, and managed a relationship I often felt like I was experiencing things that no one else was. However, being able to connect socially through many sites I learned I certainly was not alone in the things I was going through and sometimes I wasn’t doing so bad after all. I enjoy reading the funny stories, seeing the happiness of those I am connected to, and having the opportunity to comfort them when times are rough, most importantly sharing.

My daughters are all pretty much grown now, only one left at home and she is a sophomore in high school- no names, they would me mortified! I don’t know where the time has gone. Everyone told me to cherish the moments when they are little as they will be gone before you know it. I thought they were crazy while I was juggling a stroller, diaper bag, book bag, making lunches, quickly kissing them on the forehead and dashing to work for a crazy day but here I am wondering where the years went. I will share more about these times in later posts.

Career-wise, I am a General Manager in a boutique hotel in NYC and loving it. I finally know what work-life balance is and it is amazing. The journey to this place was long and filled with sweat, exhaustion, and quite a few tears but also some nice perks along the way. One of the best perks is travel and one of my favorite things to do and share about.

Post number one, short and sweet, here’s to sharing and offering support to the career moms out there. Cheers…


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