Autumn routine

“Its fall y’all” said a sign outside of a local bar here in NYC, it sure is.  While I don’t love everything about this city, I must say this is one of my favorite times of the year here, the small window of the transition from summer to fall.  Everyone just seems happier, the humidity is considerably lower, the heat has dissipated, kids are back in school, and the best part- the garbage on the sidewalks on pick up day just doesn’t smell as bad.


As parents, this is the time of the year when it all settles down, your children are in school and the routine is set.  My routine each day, yes, still, even without small children in the house, is to get everyone ready and out of the door before I head to work.  Keeping the household together is certainly a full-time job in itself.  I wake up each morning to get the coffee started, make breakfast and lunch on the go for my high school daughter, pack breakfast and lunch for myself and significant other, then take care of our pooch- breakfast and a walk.  This sounds like a lot but in reality it is routine and this is what drives me, what I am comfortable with.  After getting everyone out of the door and getting ready myself, the walk with our dog is the transition time for me to go from running the house to running a hotel.


As professionals in hotels, this is a very hectic time of the year, it is budget season on top of at capacity properties and increased rates and expectations.  The dash to complete capital projects is on.  Team member challenges are up as the work load is higher.  Most of the day is spent jumping from a spreadsheet, to an online customer review, to working through a grievance all while watching the clock for the next appointment, conference call, or awaiting the text from your child saying they are home from school.


In the midst of all of the this crazy, it is a time when we begin to celebrate and share the holidays, whichever ones you celebrate.  People in general are happier from spending time with family and the anticipation of upcoming visits.  The business guests are happier because projects conclude or sales are final as the end of the year approaches as to not go into the new year.  This is a time for completion and anticipation at the same time in a sense.


New York City is a unique place, I don’t think anyone would dispute that, I am sure everyone can find a special time, place, or sentiment for their city.  This machine of a place, this city of juggling acts, just makes it all happen faster, and everyone just gets it done.  In all of the juggling, don’t forget to enjoy the lovely autumn air because is sure is fall y’all.



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