A little jolt of family

Having moved away from my family many years ago I became independent and did not prioritize family holidays.  When I met my partner, we spent many of the holidays with his family for several reasons including proximity and his desire to be close.  Last year, while spending time with his family I had a tinge... Continue Reading →


Thoughts on difficult discussions

We are all faced with the need to have a difficult discussion whether it be with your significant other, your child, a colleague, a boss, or a direct report at some point.  As you gain experience the discussion have a better flow but they are certainly not easier to broach or prepare for.  Not addressing... Continue Reading →

Mindful of one’s self

Mindful evolution is my new favorite marketing term.  What is it and is it the same thing to every person? I hardly think this can be the same thing for every person, it is enlightenment and becoming of one's self.   Meditation has been thought of for years as a way to cope with stress... Continue Reading →

Big picture mindset

Several weeks ago I attended an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the East Sixties Neighborhood Association at a beautiful venue here in NYC.  My guest and I stood out on the terrace and looked out upon the city, quite possibly one of my favorite things to do.  As we spoke, I mentioned that... Continue Reading →

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