Mindful of one’s self

Mindful evolution is my new favorite marketing term.  What is it and is it the same thing to every person? I hardly think this can be the same thing for every person, it is enlightenment and becoming of one’s self.


Meditation has been thought of for years as a way to cope with stress and understand you but in recent years the term is more prevalent.  I believe so because our society as evolved and we are connected constantly, never turned off.  Once upon a time, not so long ago, I would catch up with a friend over wine or coffee, still do, but now we catch up with what I did not read on social media.  I am not complaining at all about social media as it has allowed me to be connected to family, friends, and colleagues in a way I never thought possible.  I love being able to share in moments that are taking place oh so far away and provide words of support and encouragement when needed.  Sometimes though, I have to turn it off and have some me time.


On a very personal note, I am a runner and for years, I did not run with my phone because it was my time, this was also a time when gadgets were separate, iPod for music and a GPS watch for tracking my distance and pace.  Now, it is so convenient to have everything I want in one device, this does not mean I stay connected during my runs, this is still my time and I do not answer any messages or calls until I am done.  When I run, I think, I plan, and I focus.  I have come up with the best ideas and plans of attack for most anything taking place in my life while running.  All of this running does take a toll sometimes and for that I replace one run with yoga, yes, ahhhhh, yoga there is nothing to do there but relax, focus, and stretch- recover the mind and body.  Experience has taught that I need these times.


Volunteering has also evolved and working to make a difference is on the rise.  I have seen several segments in the past year of “volunteer vacations”, taking a cruise or international travel to a place where they can help build a portion of a school, a community center, or such.  I am impressed with anyone who makes this commitment and hope this is a turn in American culture to begin to exercise their time off from work.  When one does not have the funds perhaps to participate in that way, seek out opportunities in your own community.  I find it incredibly rewarding and energizing to speak to a group of students or participate in a panel of up and coming professionals, share my intellectual property.


In the workplace, years ago, my team would think I was crazy when we would break from the norm and just breathe in a meeting or do jumping jacks.  With the evolution of work spaces to be communal as well as offer quiet spaces, I believe out of the ordinary activities are welcomed.  I am always impressed with the increased productivity in offices where “me time” is promoted and games are offered to disconnect and reconnect.


I do realize that it is not always possible time-wise to juggle responsibilities with me time, for these times; I like to just watch the flame of a lit scented candle.  There is something to the complexity yet simplicity of the flame, relaxing.  Then re-connect to the world and even share your thoughts via your social channels, your connections may feel the same and this may open an opportunity to share and release.


When I make me happy, I am a better version of myself for everyone connected to me, took me years to learn this, mindful evolution.


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