Non verbal communication

Any one person can talk about communication and the lack there of until they are blue in the face.  In all facets of your life you hear lack of communication as a reason for the multitude of break-downs and misunderstandings, even outside of your own personal life; you hear it in government even.  I am always baffled by this and I have even used lack of communication as an excuse in my own dealings.  Communication is certainly not only words and words are not the only way to read another or a situation.


Physical cues are the most telling and the most overlooked, sometimes now that I think of it, my daughter rolling her eyes is very telling and very hard to overlook.  While we are on children, they have the most expressive ways of telling us things without saying a word- hands of their hips, head down, eyes bright, sliding across the room in their socks.  Yes, all of these things happen in the span of seconds with children but you are able to tell right off the bat that there is something wrong or they are incredibly happy.  The nonverbal communication between a child and a parent goes beyond this to sometimes “a feeling” and you take it from there.  For those that are not parents, they always look in awe and wonder at home a parent knows, but we just do.


Adults are so much harder, at work, at home, just tougher to read but even the ones with the biggest walls can be read.  The stance is the best way for me to see there is something not quite right and of course the wandering eyes.  This prompts the question of how they are which almost always begs the answer “fine”.  Read the person and decide if they are really fine or not, chip away at that wall or know when to back off and come back later.  Read the language of their body.


This takes me to the fur baby in the house.  Of course your dog cannot speak to you although; I regularly speak to him as if he can say something back to me.  Dogs are quite expressive and tell you exactly what they want or need.  Curled up in a ball- sleepy or cold?  I would guess cold if they are curled up in a ball and as close to you as possible.  Sigh?  This usually means Chance is bored and wants to play- engage him some and sure enough, he is running around the house like a puppy again.  The best one if the need to go out.  Chance is 10 years old and completely house trained.  He does though let us know when he needs to go out when it is not on his regularly scheduled time, he scratches at the door or sniffs your knee then goes and sits at the front door.  Take him out and sure enough, he does his business and wants to go right back inside.


I don’t know about you but I would be happy to not have to have another lack of communication meeting.   We all miss the cues, but know they are there and start to look for them; you may possibly become a better communicator and have fewer misunderstandings.

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