Julie made it 3 months

Well, just about three months ago I took the plunge and set up a Word Press site and wrote my first blog 42 , I was super nervous as I had been saying for some time that I wanted an outlet to share my thoughts.  Yes, you can use various social sites to share your thoughts, but I wanted something to call mine.  Since then I have shared fifteen posts, I try to be consistent and post each Tuesday but sometimes that does not work out.  I have found it interesting how certain posts have gained certain reactions medium where they gained traction.  For example, most of my posts combine all parts of my life however, the more professional/work related posts gain the most traction on LinkedIn and my family related posts gain the most on Facebook.  I can almost for certain tell who will like which post before they do, you really do know people.


Along with the freedom of my own platform to share my thoughts comes an entire social network that I did not embrace prior to this.   As a professional, I have been active on LinkedIn for many years and I have used Facebook for keeping in touch with family and friends, Instagram was an extension but I did not focus much on connections here so I have had to work to grown my network.   Some of the others I am working to grow are Snapchat (historically I have only sent dog photos to my daughters), Pinterest (did not even know you could have followers), and Google+.  The one network I have probably grown the most is Twitter , some may argue it is dying, but I really enjoy the analytics behind your activity, yes, I am a nerd like that.  What I have enjoyed most about Twitter is the quick and easy way to connect with those like me as well as the quick and easy sharing options.


Once you start sharing some other opportunities come your way which are kind of neat, free products as well as paid opportunities to provide reviews and feedback.  There are quite a few out there and you don’t need to have a huge network to start.  I have enjoyed this so much I have decided to attend BlogHer in 2017 to expand my network and hone my skills.


Why, you ask did I start down this path?


  • I am almost an empty nester, with one high school daughter left in the house my “mom” duties are not near what they used to be
  • My partner in crime has a hectic schedule with work and commitments
  • My career has passed the hectic stage and my current role allows for a more steady lifestyle and less time commitment than I had in the past
  • I want to be heard- why should products be decided in the marketplace without my input? I am discerning and my opinion counts
  • I am not an eternal optimist but I think there is good in this world and I think it is important we talk about it and relate our experiences to life as a whole
  • There are people out there like me- forty something, mom, professional, friend juggling it all and it can be done


I have written in posts where I am getting older, that I would like to consult, and share my knowledge and experiences, what better start than this?  I have been learning along the way in the past few months and I know I have so much more to learn and give but it has been a pretty good start.  Looking forward to more in 2017.

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