Why do we need to talk about this?

Here we are, we have come to the discussion stage in the annual review process, as if any of the previous two stages, self review and manager input , were not hard enough.  I made a mistake, the must-get-all-done-and-off-my-plate person I am, and went too far in the process one year and sent the review with all... Continue Reading →


Fabulously fancy ice

  I am a pretty creative person and I love to experiment in the kitchen.  I enjoy cooking for my family, hosting a get together, taking things to the office, or just making something for myself.  So, why not with my ice as well? I found these great ice molds from SUMPRI on Amazon and they are... Continue Reading →

Running to find me

  Why are you running a marathon?  I am asked on a regular basis when people become aware in whatever manner they do that I am running a marathon.  Just to clarify, I am more appropriately jogging a marathon.  I will venture to answer this question in a better way than the quick answer I... Continue Reading →

The Dreaded Self Review

So, it is that time again, the dreaded review of yourself.  The new year has come and you are examining last year and how you will resolve to change or be better this year and your boss has told you that it is time for you to complete the first step in the annual review... Continue Reading →

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