It’s OK to let your personality show

Are you yourself at work?  Probably not, well not your whole self.  Everyone has a work persona and a home persona, while it is best to always keep these separate to some extent (unless you have a family business) it does not mean that you cannot let your personality show at work.

Some traits are constant and if you are so at home you will likely be at work as well:

  • organized
  • open minded
  • creative

Other traits not so much, some are quite divided between home and work:

  • Outgoing
  • Idea driven
  • Task oriented

When you first start out your career you are typically free and open and either you received some advice to be sure to keep the two separate or you were unfortunate enough to have an experience that taught you to do so.  Either way, somewhere along the way you did, you may be one that has remained yourself and there is very little differentiation between the two.  Others are extreme, super quiet at work and a complete party animal outside of work.  I personally was afraid to dance in front of people, to teach someone my organization tricks, or to crack a joke for many years for fear of being judged.  Once I started to be more of myself I was involved in more for what I brought to the table, not only my organization skills, or being able to argue an alternate point, but sometimes just to be the fun one that would bring candy (always chocolate).

Experience allows you to determine the balance.  You can be fun at work or at the office outing but don’t be the overboard person, that is a reputation that will never leave you as long as you are with the same group.  You can embrace your neurotically organized side to keep the office flow and ensure projects are completed.  The self awareness gained from experience to work within your personality allow you to balance your work and home personalities and not be “the one” in the company that is annoyingly organized or the one that is invited to the outings for the show they put on.

The possibility exists to be fun, creative, organized, task oriented, and all things that are you at work and at home, you just need to find the balance.  For work, find a company that encourages you to be you.  For home, find a partner that encourages you to be you and doesn’t work to change you.  Remember- your employer chose you for a reason over someone else and your partner chose you for a reason over someone else.  Really, it is OK to let your personality show.  For those that have worked at being their own boss, you have the best of both worlds (maybe this will be me one of these days)!

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