Fabulously fancy ice


I am a pretty creative person and I love to experiment in the kitchen.  I enjoy cooking for my family, hosting a get together, taking things to the office, or just making something for myself.  So, why not with my ice as well?

I found these great ice molds from SUMPRI on Amazon and they are fantastic!

They are silicone so they are easy to manage, once filled I found it best to pour the remaining water in when they were on a flat surface.  The ice cubes are large and look great in the glass.  I let my healthy creative juice flow and added fruits and herbs to the molds before I added the water, just that easy!

The cubes were frozen solid in about eight hours and we popped them out and enjoyed then in our water, they lasted so long and we have increased flavor as the time went on.  Next time, I will squeeze some of the fruit a slight amount before I place the fruit and will add them to crafted cocktails, I can’t wait.  Take a look at how great they look!  You can pick them up as well from Amazon just use this link- SUMPRI ice molds.


6 thoughts on “Fabulously fancy ice

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  1. Omggg, I love these!!! Definitely a great idea for the upcoming summer! They could also serve as little snacks, depending on how long you freeze them. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. These look so cool! I’ve never seen this product before. Normally, all I see are the boring, square ice cube trays. These would be perfect for alcoholic drinks!

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