There is no such thing as the ideal work space

I believe a lot can be said about an organization by the way the work space or "office" is set up just the same as the way you keep you work space says a lot about you.  Work space has really changed over the years and continues to change.  Are the days of the corner... Continue Reading →


Guide to dressing for the right environment

Does what you wear determine what type of individual you are?  No, certainly not, however perception driven determinations are made on such.  Co-worker perceptions could determine how well you work together with someone else and trust them on a project or just want to work with them.  Client perceptions could result in loss of sales... Continue Reading →

Is the review necessary?

In the past few weeks I have written a series of posts about the annual review process from self review to manager input and ultimately the discussion.  I keep coming back to the same question, do we actually need this long and formal annual process?  Many corporate leaders will say yes, that this is the way they... Continue Reading →

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