c.h.a.n.g.e – 6 tips on dealing

I want things to change, wait, no I don’t, do I?  I think I want change but then when it happens, I don’t always like it when in actuality maybe I just need some time to get used to it.  Change presents itself with relationships, children, work, our country, and the world.  I am not happy with recent change but instead of just complaining about it, I am working to take action.  I also hated the change of my daughter leaving for college and the thought of the youngest leaving as well is change I am not sure I am ready for.  However, change is coming and changes take place every day, one of those things that you just find a way to deal!  For those around you being transparent with your feelings and information you can share really helps with understanding.

Dealing with change is not always easy and simplifying it can frustrate, there are so many studies out in the universe about change management and the effects on the work place and the home.  I wanted to just share a few of my personal quick tips on how I deal with change in both my personal and professional life.  Let’s use the word change itself as an acronym to guide us through it:

C– CREATE– Create open dialogue with those also affected by change, talking about it helps and often times presents a different perspective to help you work through your thoughts and any challenges you see.  This will help you to cope (another great C word for this subject).

H– HOW – Research and understand how and why the change happened or is about to happen.  Arm yourself with knowledge.

A– ACCEPT–  Like-no, accept- yes, there really is a difference.  Accepting does not mean you need to be silent and not voice concerns or work toward alternate change but you do need to accept the change in order to work toward solutions and be able to take action without anger.

N– NO -Don’t be the instant “no” person.  Stay open to the change and solutions or middle ground.  Being the person that will always say “no” no matter what will for sure keep you out of the loop and will be harder for you to accept anything.

G– GROW–  Use the change as a an opportunity for growth whether it be personal, professional, emotional, or spiritual growth.  Learn from it, if nothing else, learn how you would not want to go about change so when you are in the place of change you know how you would have liked to be a part of or communication of.

E-EMPOWER– Empower yourself and those around you to be confident and speak up.

My favorite “r” word does not fit into my acronym unfortunately, it is reflect.  Before taking action and channeling your emotional instincts, reflect on how it is affecting you.  My know-it-all self often does not take the time to reflect and I instantly just jump into action.  Adding that extra step will help you speak intelligently to others and even yourself about the change that is taking place.  Remember to be there for those around you, they may be struggling and looking for an outlet or want to share some excitement.  Misery loves company but so does happiness.

Many times, we think change is bad because it is in our nature to vilify happenings.  Often, you wanted the change and it is great.  Try it on, it may feel great.

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  1. People should always ask questions to better understand the decision that was made and what factors contributed to it. The always say “no” crowd, unconsciously send a strong message to not only their superiors but also their peers, that they will resist any and all change. They should not be counted on to be agile, flexible, or have an open mindset.

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