my spring LBD (little black dress)

So happy to welcome the warmer weather and the clothing that comes along with it.  This cute, soft, and flowing little black dress was a great addition to my wardrobe.  Great to wear alone or with a light sweater and wonderful for day or night.  Maybe you will see this on me for our next date... Continue Reading →


a quick guide to find & choose a mentor

As you have read from previous posts, Mentor (dedicated to the subject) and others where I mentioned the subject, having a mentor is important.  Over the years, so many people have asked how do you even find a mentor so I decided to share some thoughts on ways to find and choose one.   Where... Continue Reading →

Doing wellness the right way (your way)

I don't know about you but I think the world of "wellness" nowadays is a little overwhelming.    I worry that "wellness" has become the new "green" or "sustainable", where it is a search term rather than true understanding.  Everyone is telling what you need to do to be well, so many feel like they have the... Continue Reading →

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