Doing wellness the right way (your way)

I don’t know about you but I think the world of “wellness” nowadays is a little overwhelming.    I worry that “wellness” has become the new “green” or “sustainable”, where it is a search term rather than true understanding.  Everyone is telling what you need to do to be well, so many feel like they have the best way for you to be well.  While I like to believe those are suggestions at times, they are aggressive or the motivations are not genuine.  How is someone else to know what wellness is for me?


Search up the word and after the definition you will find a plethora of information:

  • Meditation and being one with yourself
  • Food- clean, green, paleo, gluten-free (and not just for those with allergies), juicing
  • Exercise- running, lifting, yoga, pilates, trainers, cycling, Purre- Barre, rowing, and more and more
  • Home- oil diffusing, cleaning products
  • Volunteering and giving back

wellness 2


Wellness is a deeply personal thing, you need to find your own, your own brand of wellness, what makes you feel good, whole.  There are many posts, books, programs, stores etcetera that are now labeled as wellness.  Now, I am not saying I have not been susceptible to what I have seen, I have tried many fads and products.  Some of the things I have loved and kept in practice as noted in my earlier post Mindful of one’s self and others just haven’t been for me.  You are not “not well” because you do not eat a certain way or exercise a certain way, you have to do what works for you, what makes you feel good, find something you can be passionate about.


Do it your way, own it and be well.


**would love to see your comments regarding what you tried and it just did not work and what you have adopted into your ever day life

5 thoughts on “Doing wellness the right way (your way)

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  1. Great post Julie. Some of the best advice I have ever received is to do what works best for me. This can be applied to fitness, career and even relationships. The differences between people are massive, to say there is a “one size fits all” to fitness is rather silly.

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  2. I agree that wellness is a very unique thing to who you are and what you believe – it’s not the same for everyone. Sometimes I get lost in the idea that I have to have the same definition as everyone else. I keep hearing everyone talk about essential oils and how you need a diffuser or you need to put them on your skin in order to be “well” but what if I don’t want that? I can still have my own definition of wellness!

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  3. Great topic. I think you’re absolutely right. There are so many different ways to be well its crazy. I have been running a lot lately and I have found that I’m just not a morning runner. Everyone seems to always be saying that the best time to run is in the morning. Well, not for me and that’s okay! Thanks for the inspiration!

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