how I gained a life partner in 10 days

I believe I found the one on a trip to Machu Pichu.  No, I did not meet him there, but I believe in all of my heart I found my partner there.  Over the years we have been together people ask how did you meet and well, that is a story in itself for another time.  We really did have an unprecedented start.  Shortly into our spending time together but not actually dating, he asked me where were my top five places I wanted to go in my life.  I rattled them off thinking nothing of it.

One week later he showed up with plane tickets to Peru and said tag you are it, the ultimate game of chicken, no?  I paused and said hold that thought.  See, I was divorced and raising my daughters alone and we did not have family around, I needed to figure it out.  One day later, I said yes.  His response was, well then, I guess we need to go on a real date if we are going to travel alone together so far away in just under two months.  Fast forward to the trip, a challenging one with plans, buses, trains, hiking, and more with my only belongings in a backpack.

me and marco

Why do I say I found my partner in ten days, because I did.  We only had each other, no filters and spent ten days in Peru- Machu Pichu, Cusco, and Lima.  Not only did I still like him upon our return, I realized he was the one.  He was able to tolerate me and I was able to roll with the punches and along the way having a life changing experience.

See, when you are challenged, removed from your comforts, nice clothes, makeup, and even a hairbrush, no one around, not even TV you are forced to really get to know someone.  Without all of the distractions you realize if you can sustain that person with conversation or just enjoy the silence without it being awkward.  You learn each other and you decide if you can really spend forever with this person.


To begin a relationship as we did, many would have thought we were doomed from the start, we saw it as getting all the phony stuff out-of-the-way from the start.  This began a journey for us that combined our love of travel and adventure with our time in a foreign us 3land.  We have had some amazing experiences and met wonderful people along the way, taking time to hear their stories.  Our travels have included the World Cup in Brazil, Classical music in Prague, to partying in the Caribbean and all over the U.S. and Canada.

We took a chance.  Stay tuned there is so much more to come!



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