recap of Philly- 24 hours for a mom and a teen

Needed a quick getaway from the NYC so what better way to spend some time with my daughter and experience a different city.  We took Amtrak from Penn Station in NYC to 30th Street station in Philly, this was a pretty quick ride, only 90 minutes and both in the middle of everything so no additional transportation needed.  We packed a backpack each and booked on night to stay over.  We were off.

Now, I had not been to Philadelphia since I was quite young myself so it was nice to explore the city and its history right along with my daughter.  We arrived around 10:30 AM Saturday to the train station and walked to the hotel, surprisingly, they were able to check us in, we were only wanting to drop our bags.  Pleasant surprise.  We dropped our bags in the room and headed over to explore history- The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Constitution Hall, and many others that are all within just a few blocks of each other.  The weather was not fantastic so the lines were not bad at all in any location.

After exploring the historic sites, we were hungry so we took a hefty walk to Geno’s in South Philly.  We were not disappointed- note: if you want more than just the steak you have to order any other items at a separate window, despite ordering it all together, you will need to just order again from someone else.  Super cheese steak factory but so good.  We were luck enough to be there during an Italian festival so we were sure to share our steak so we could eat the rest of the amazing street food.  We certainly did, we ate cannoli, pretzel, and several other things.  Even found a great local vendor for treat to take home to our dog, Chance.  By the time we walked the entire festival we were back near our hotel so we decided to make a pit stop and relax for a few minutes and freshen up.

We spent the balance of our evening exploring the Reading Terminal Market , and absolute must see.  We purchase local coffee, beef jerky, and countless goodies.  So, we have completely filled ourselves with some of the most indulgent foods, we kept walking, exploring, and shopping.  We ended our night waiting 45 minutes in line (at 10 PM) for great ice cream at The Franklin Fountain, wow, no words, just do it if you are ever there!  My daughter and I had a super busy day exploring, laughing, and just spending time- we went back to our room showered and knocked out.  Just a side note- when downtown, watch your surroundings, they do change rapidly from block to block so be sure you are always paying attention.  We are walkers but you can always avoid this by driving or taking a car service/taxi.

We woke up and had two things to do Sunday morning before heading to the train back to NYC- Rocky and one last place to eat as if we did not have enough the day before!  We headed through City Hall, pretty cool place and made our way to the Museum of Art, a beautiful place but also known from the movie Rocky where he runs up the stairs while training.  So, we were not able to do this while there as a charity event was taking place we did enjoy the area.  We saw the Washington Monument, amazing detail and the statue of Rocky, pretty cool.    Once we were done there we headed to check out and have one last meal in Philly, Federal Donuts.  Yes, we ate chicken wings, fresh hot fried donuts, and fancy donuts all in one sitting.  Amazing!

Having never been to Philadelphia as an adult I was not sure what to find but we explore quite a bit in our 24 hours.  We had a wonderful time, the vibe was nice.  Although, we have ruined cheese-steaks from anywhere else for the rest of our lives, we may just have to take a quick trip from time to time to have another!

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  1. Do you know I grew up just a couple hours from Philly but feel the need to go back and experience it again after reading this post. Aww how I miss the food especially.

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  2. I haven’t been to Philadelphia since I was young and I honestly don’t remember it AT ALL other than we went to some great interactive learning museum. I’d love to take a visit to PAFA since I studied art history in college and wrote about the building for one of my courses. It sounds like you were able to squeeze in plenty of fun!

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  3. I live like 3 hours from Philly and have only gone once, and unfortunately, it was freezing cold that day so we didn’t get to enjoy it and sight see that much. I think I need to go back!

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  4. I am near Seattle and I so wish I could visit! I think when my daughter who is 9 gets a bit older we will start taking trips just the two of us!

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