Goals- how are you looking?

Have you completed your mid-year check-in? Have you planned your mid-year check-in? If not, you really should, now is the time. Realistically this should be your big check on yourself, you should have completed a smaller quarterly check in prior. Why should you do this, why do you need to check in, why is it... Continue Reading →


It’s my own fault!

Self awareness post. I have come to a realization at this point in my life that it is my own fault really that I have to do things- plan, execute, etc. This post is a self-awareness post and part of me just dealing. I am the same way at work as I am at home,... Continue Reading →

72 hours in London

As I write this I am on the plane headed home to NYC from London listening to Brett Young, Sleep Without You, thinking how amazing this trip was. I don’t regret one moment, one penny, one pence, anything. In all fairness, my trip to England was longer than 72 hours but I only had that... Continue Reading →

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