My One Year Blogiversary, a Reflection

Well folks, I have just celebrated my one year blogiversary, yay me! I spent a year at least contemplating the start of my blog before I took the steps and jumped in.  I read often in posts and forums people starting and taking it so slow.  I suppose I thought about it for so long... Continue Reading →


WOW Summit- I am in!

I began my blogger journey about a year ago. Along the way as I was connecting with those like me or those in the space, I happened on a social and sampling site called Moms Meet. After perusing their site for some time, I decided to sign up. I found an amazing forum for moms... Continue Reading →

So Long Summer

As I write this, it is Labor Day and while it is not the official end of summer, it marks that end for most.  This is the last long weekend of the summer and children are getting ready to go back to school or are already back in school.  The weather is starting to cool... Continue Reading →

My Career & Fitting In

I have been in the hotel industry for 24 years, I can honestly say, I spent so much of my career just trying to fit in. You can view my LinkedIn profile, you can review my resume, you can see the success and I still constantly, as a stand out, was working to just fit... Continue Reading →

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