So Long Summer

As I write this, it is Labor Day and while it is not the official end of summer, it marks that end for most.  This is the last long weekend of the summer and children are getting ready to go back to school or are already back in school.  The weather is starting to cool slightly (we can finally turn the A/C off, I am not a fan of having it on), fall clothes are in the stores, and pumpkin and maple flavors are starting to appear.

This summer was an utter blur.  We began the summer without any real plans besides college move out and in.  As the season took shape we ended up with a trip to Orlando,  London, two trips to Baton Rouge, a wedding in Mexico, a Baptism, two conferences, a summer visitor, and many fun days outdoors.  All of this while juggling a busy hotel and growing a blog.  As I reflect, a few things stand out, here are my favorites:

Outdoor & long days of light

The long days just make you feel like you have so much more time to do things!  We love to be outdoors and summer is the best time for it.  Baseball games, soccer games, hiking, boating, or just taking a long walk, this time of the year is just made for it and screams “get outside”!  So we do as often as possible.


We do not typically travel in the summer when most other people are as well because we enjoy off season pricing and less crowding however, summer is the time when everyone can travel together.  We road-tripped twice this summer, the girls and I, lots of off key singing and plenty of laughs, along with the occasional mouth open sleep pic of each other.  Travel bonds you in a different way and allows you to enjoy your family and  friends in a completely different environment.  Expanding to local traditions, food, and drink is just so fun, the stories and memories last a lifetime.

Beverages & outdoor dining

Anyone say BBQ?  Anyone say “frose” at a sidewalk café?  Anyone say tacos and cerveza in the sun?  I am in with any of those, hand is raised as high as it can be.  With all of the amazing things about living in NYC, the outdoor BBQ life is hard to come by but we try, wish we could do this more often.  We do get the best outdoor dining, people watching is phenomenal in NYC- a must (even better shared with a friend)!

The beauty of  New York City this summer is that is was not unbearably hot, we only had one small stretch, the weather overall was just amazing.  I also had us all together this summer, hard to come by with all of the commitments and a daughter in college so far away.  So long summer, you were good to us, until next year….



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