WOW Summit- I am in!

I began my blogger journey about a year ago. Along the way as I was connecting with those like me or those in the space, I happened on a social and sampling site called Moms Meet. After perusing their site for some time, I decided to sign up. I found an amazing forum for moms of all types and groups to just bounce ideas off, an overall online mom community. Not to mention some pretty good products to sample and share along the way, bonus!

I recently attended BlogHer (overwhelming for a newbie) and about a week before the conference I was invited to meet a group of Moms Meet ladies while on site. I was thrilled! Being able to meet this group of ladies took a huge conference that I was getting lost in and made it smaller and provided personal connections to it all. I stuck to these ladies throughout like glue! In addition to the other moms, I met Victoria and Annie who work for Moms Meet, wow- so fun, instant connections! I am even more drawn to this program seeing some of the amazing team behind it all.

Here I am rounding out a year as a blogger and I am not sure if it is what I thought it would be- easier, harder, rewarding, not sure…all of that. All of it has been worth the strong connections I have made along the way providing support and encouragement. Right after my one-year anniversary I will travel to the suburbs of Chicago to attend the WOW Summit. I am super excited. I like the idea that the community will get together but in a more intimate setting and have the opportunity to connect with brands.   Let’s not forget about the swag, I am sure they will have great swag. Most of all I am looking forward to gaining additional connections, learning, growing, and being the best, I can as I build something that is my own, my site, with the best cheerleaders and collaborators.  Being surrounded by amazing and strong women keeps empowered for months!

If you have not signed up, go, sign up! I will be there for the first time, look me up, would love to connect!



Moms Meet Wow Summit registration

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  1. A girlfriend recently told me about BlogHer and said I should plan to attend a conference. I’m definitely going to check it out. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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