My Winter 2017 Favorites

I feel like I just wrote about welcoming Autumn  and now I am writing about winter coming, yes it will be here in just under a month!  Winter is an oddly enjoyable time because you get to enjoy winter sports, bundle up, play in the snow, and have lazy days with steak and red wine! ... Continue Reading →


The Top Gifts I Will Be Giving This Holiday Season under $100

I joked on Halloween night that the next day starts Christmas, we chuckled and 45 minutes later, I received an email for a Christmas candle sale from a large retailer.  I cannot believe how this year has just flown by and I have not even started the gift process yet.  I also still like to... Continue Reading →

4 Tips For Speed Dating

Got you with the title!  My idea of speed dating is probably not what you thought of when you read the title, speed dating in my world is more like speed networking.  In my main gig, networking is key and quite frankly, it is your connections that help you get where you want to go. ... Continue Reading →

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