The Power of Lists

I am a list maker and marker offer, yep, that’s me.  I used to not be so proud of that but as the years have passed, I am pretty proud of the amount I accomplish in a period of time.  There is great power in lists, here is why they work for me.

  • I seem like a wonder woman who never forgets anything!  When something pops in my head, I write it down, somewhere, somehow.  Then in makes it to the list.  This thing I need to do, send, whatever, is there until it is done either on today’s list or on the list when it needs to happen in the future.
  • Small wins!  I don’t always need to win big, the small wins are what gives me that feeling of accomplishment, each time you mark through something, think to yourself “DONE!”.  Feels so good to say it and move on.  The small wins and accomplishments eventually lead to the big ones, just wait and see.
  • Keeps me from giving up!  Ever feel like what you need to accomplish is so much and overwhelming?  I feel this way often, I get over it by breaking the large task into smaller tasks and scheduling them out.  Once the first few small things are done you are powered to do more.
  • My list is not on-going and never-ending!  There is a method, the list is not just an ongoing never-ending, page after page list.  I take the time to be strategic and tie the items on my list to my goals, typically set out for the entire year (remember, I am a planner).  I take the time to plan out tasks that will support my goals and place them on weekly lists throughout the year.  Yes, other things come up each day and week that are added to the list, and hopefully marked off before the end of the week.

You ask, what do you do with your list when all of the tasks are done?  This is up to you, I, shred, don’t look back, it is done and I keep moving forward.  People see me writing things down all of the time, does this mean I am forgetful?  Well, sometimes when I am overwhelmed, yes, but typically no.  I write things down so I make sure to do them, also, the things that are not tasks, writing them down commits it to my memory, allowing me to absorb and move on.

This works well for me, I keep a journal for a year, I write, pen to paper, some use their phones, tablets, post-its, various things, this just happens to be my preferred way.  Stiking a line through a task that is complete, ahhhhh that small sense of accomplishment.  This is no different than pushing a little harder on a workout or running a little farther than yesterday, yes, I track that too, I am “that person”.  At the end of the year before I shred my journal, I take time to reflect on what I have accomplished in the past year and what I want to accomplish in the coming year.

This is one of my tips for feeling accomplished, do you have one?  Share in the comments below.

Happy listing and go mark something off of your list!

Need help?  Reach out to me, I can guide you through the process and leave you with actions to stay on track.



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