Arctic Zero, Frozen Dessert

I am all about finding things that taste good and don’t make me feel so guilty when I am trying to satisfy my sweet cravings!  Before trying Arctic Zero myself I heard and read mixed reviews but I am glad I tried it for myself, I really enjoy  this frozen desert.  I purchased the peanut butter swirl and cookie shake from my local market and followed the directions on the packaging.  Following the directions is key, this way you enjoy the dessert as it was intended and the full flavor comes out.  Simple ingredients and low calorie made this a great choice for me.

I went back to my market to try others and the selection was limited so I looked them up on line.  I was happy with what I read, see, I like the story behind the brand and this is a nice one, you can read it by clicking here.  There were so many flavors online and they ship direct to you, yes frozen dessert at your door, I am all about convenience and this is certainly evident with Arctic Zero.  The box was shipped to me overnight packed in dry ice, frozen solid.  20171117_185624.jpg

Here are some ways we have enjoyed Arctic Zero to solve the cravings and keep our diets on track!  A staple in our home now.


Have you tried it?  What is your favorite flavor and what fun combinations have you put together.  Drop me a comment below.


Thaw.  Eat.  Repeat.

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