Practice Perfect Punctuality

My dad always told me “if you are on time, you are late”. This was instilled in me at a very young age and has become something I have come to live by and passed along to my children. On a recent trip to visit my parents, I purchased a cute t-shirt that says “running late is my cardio”, I liked the way it was shaped and the comfort and purchased it. My father said to me, Julie, you are never late, why would you even wear something like that. I am not even sure. I am a runner, I struggle with running motivation, it is a play on cardio and exercise, not sure, just liked it. He huffed and said ok, we moved on.

As with all of my blog posts, such interactions make me start thinking about things and writing. I hate when people are late. I think being present on time and being prepared is a sign of respect for those around you and vice versa, a sign of disrespect when you are not. Being late causes me incredible anxiety and I practice punctuality as if my career and life depends on it, no matter what the occasion, meeting with a friend, a colleague, an extracurricular commitment with my children, anything.

This causes me to question, how are you running in the door to a flight that has already boarded? How do you walk into a meeting and behave as if people were not waiting for you to start? How can you be late to call me back for my dental cleaning when I was early but you are late due to someone else being late? My time is quite valuable. I can count on one had how many times I was late in the last year. I am also hyper-prepared. Do I have the answer to every inquiry, no, am I three questions deep, yes. I owe that to you if I am meeting with you and have a planned topic or agenda ahead of time, is this not why you provided this in advance?

I once read an article of successful business owners and chief executive offers and they were asked what the top factors were in their success. Seven of the ten stated that being on time to commitments, being prepared, and acknowledging the time of those they were meeting with contributed to their success. Food for thought. Don’t you owe it to yourself and those around you?

I consult, I am here to help, I can offer tips on managing your schedule that are easy to follow and get you on track to practicing perfect punctuality.


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