The Top Gifts I Will Be Giving This Holiday Season under $100

I joked on Halloween night that the next day starts Christmas, we chuckled and 45 minutes later, I received an email for a Christmas candle sale from a large retailer.  I cannot believe how this year has just flown by and I have not even started the gift process yet.  I also still like to... Continue Reading →

Recap of Easter, now that I don’t have little ones

The holidays have changed for me in recent years with having only one daughter at home and she is in high school.  I remember the days when Easter baskets were a huge deal in the morning and an egg hunt after church.  We only did one of those three this year.  I began to think... Continue Reading →

A little jolt of family

Having moved away from my family many years ago I became independent and did not prioritize family holidays.  When I met my partner, we spent many of the holidays with his family for several reasons including proximity and his desire to be close.  Last year, while spending time with his family I had a tinge... Continue Reading →

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