The Power of Lists

I am a list maker and marker offer, yep, that's me.  I used to not be so proud of that but as the years have passed, I am pretty proud of the amount I accomplish in a period of time.  There is great power in lists, here is why they work for me. I seem... Continue Reading →

Obsession Worthy Hummus To Help You Stay On Track

I have a health goal this year as noted in a previous post, that goal is not to be skinny, lose a ton of weight, but rather add consistent exercise back in my life and consume better things.  I attended an event in the latter part of 2017 and one of the sponsors of a... Continue Reading →

72 Hours in Madrid

With our busy schedules and many commitments, we would love and quite frankly, I think we are close to needing an extended time away, we just cannot seem to fit it in. We have mastered the quick trips, 72 hours in a city, as chronicled in another post from several months ago 72 hours in London. ... Continue Reading →

Declaration of 2018 goals

I believe that declaring your goals leads to accountability so here goes... In 2018 I want to get back to running, I declare to run 3 times per week and complete 9 local running events throughout the year.  This is a physical and mental health goal for me. I will accept what I have and... Continue Reading →

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