17 seemingly easy (but not always) actions of amazing people

I don’t know about you, but I like for others to like me.  Does that make me shallow or starved for attention?  No, it does not, it simply means I value opinions and want to work with others.  What are the traits of likable people?  Are some people just born charismatic, with the cool factor? ... Continue Reading →

Tips from a working mom to snag moments with your kids

As a working mom the entire time that my kids have been on earth, I have so often battled guilt.  The guilt that comes when you are not there for a monumental time or a school event can really eat at you.  I have spoken to so many people over my career and life that I... Continue Reading →

Is the review necessary?

In the past few weeks I have written a series of posts about the annual review process from self review to manager input and ultimately the discussion.  I keep coming back to the same question, do we actually need this long and formal annual process?  Many corporate leaders will say yes, that this is the way they... Continue Reading →

Julie made it 3 months

Well, just about three months ago I took the plunge and set up a Word Press site and wrote my first blog 42 , I was super nervous as I had been saying for some time that I wanted an outlet to share my thoughts.  Yes, you can use various social sites to share your... Continue Reading →

Non verbal communication

Any one person can talk about communication and the lack there of until they are blue in the face.  In all facets of your life you hear lack of communication as a reason for the multitude of break-downs and misunderstandings, even outside of your own personal life; you hear it in government even.  I am always... Continue Reading →

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