evolution of the funk i am in – my 4 to get me out

This post really is just a way for me to put to paper what is going on in me so that I can address it, attack it, and move on- an accountability post that I will get it in check.  For the last several months, I have just been in a funk, I have no... Continue Reading →

17 seemingly easy (but not always) actions of amazing people

I don’t know about you, but I like for others to like me.  Does that make me shallow or starved for attention?  No, it does not, it simply means I value opinions and want to work with others.  What are the traits of likable people?  Are some people just born charismatic, with the cool factor? ... Continue Reading →

Running to find me

  Why are you running a marathon?  I am asked on a regular basis when people become aware in whatever manner they do that I am running a marathon.  Just to clarify, I am more appropriately jogging a marathon.  I will venture to answer this question in a better way than the quick answer I... Continue Reading →

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