Gardens NYC, from the other side

There is a very special place on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and it is called Gardens NYC.  While it is not in the top hotels of the world it does not make it any less than those that are or maybe it makes it better, still an untouched, tranquil, private location.  You can read how special... Continue Reading →

Big picture mindset

Several weeks ago I attended an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the East Sixties Neighborhood Association at a beautiful venue here in NYC.  My guest and I stood out on the terrace and looked out upon the city, quite possibly one of my favorite things to do.  As we spoke, I mentioned that... Continue Reading →

Autumn routine

"Its fall y'all" said a sign outside of a local bar here in NYC, it sure is.  While I don't love everything about this city, I must say this is one of my favorite times of the year here, the small window of the transition from summer to fall.  Everyone just seems happier, the humidity... Continue Reading →

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